About the Foundation

Narrow Gate Foundation holds to a single core purpose: to invest our resources for the Glory of God by making disciples of Jesus. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering Christian discipleship, we equip and train young men, develop business discipleship platforms, and serve local church communities.

History and Vision

Bill & Stacy Spencer founded Narrow Gate Foundation in 2004 when they invited two young men to come stay in their home. Adam Stoner & Rob Rogers were both 19 years old and looking for direction in life. While living with the Spencers, Rob & Adam shared their dream of starting a wilderness program to help other young men like them.

“We wanted to create something for guys like us who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. We had both tried college right out of High School and it was an enormous failure for us both. We didn’t know how to get started, so we asked Bill & Stacy to help. From then on our dream just grew until it became a reality.” – Adam

“I didn’t know anything about God when Bill & Stacy invited me into their home, I was just glad to find a safe place to land that wasn’t my parent’s house. While living with Bill & Stacy I watched how they interacted and I wanted the peace they displayed. I became interested in knowing more about the “God” they talked about so often and it wasn’t long before I asked Christ into my life. Since then my life has radically changed.” – Rob

By the end of 2004 Bill and Stacy had seven young men living in their three bedroom, two bath house and they realized God was up to something very special. In time, faithful friends supported the Spencers in establishing a not-for-profit organization and the Foundation was born.

The Spencers now reside on a beautiful 122-acre property just outside of Nashville, TN, where they welcome up to 36 young men each year to experience Narrow Gate Lodge, a residential discipleship program. Since the Lodge doors opened 10 years ago, over 250 young men have experienced life transformation and the discovery of Truth.

2012 saw the birth of Narrow Gate Servants Table, a ministry model originally designed to support young men transitioning out of Narrow Gate Lodge and into their communities. This distinctive model provides a way for pre-qualified and trained individuals within a local church to offer individuals in transition support and guidance to reach their God-given potential. Support may come in the form of housing, education, finance, or spiritual guidance. The chief end is to encourage not only Narrow Gate graduates but also anyone in life transition to become disciples of Jesus and walk in His service.

In 2013, through the gifts of generous partners, Narrow Gate Foundation launched Narrow Gate Trading Co., a wood, metal and leather shop designed to employ Narrow Gate students and graduates – engaging them in business enterprise and craftsmanship. Narrow Gate Trading Co. produce and distribute quality-handcrafted items and every purchase helps support the work of Narrow Gate Foundation.

Over the coming decades our Narrow Gate Foundation vision will continue to grow. We believe in Christ’s mandate to love, serve and make disciples. We are dedicated to our calling and hope you will join us in this endeavor.