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Servants Table

"Walk in a manner worthy of your calling." Ephesians 4:1

Servants Table is a unique disciple-making model, run in partnership with local churches, which creates transformative communities for the purpose of equipping individuals to come together and serve one another as they grow in maturity in Christ.

At Narrow Gate we are committed to people…not processes, benchmarks or statistics…but people.  Our passion is to love people from start to forever.  When a young man enrolls at Narrow Gate Lodge we don’t push him through a program and set him free. Instead, we take seriously Christ’s command to love others well and to us that means caring for each student long after he has left our campus.

Part of this process includes Servants Table, a unique discipleship model of identifying and partnering mature believers with people in transition.  If indeed we are all called by Christ to walk in a manner worthy of our calling it is key that first we know our calling and, second that we have some accountability in our practice.

In 2012, we launched Servants Table to address this need and specifically shepherd Narrow Gate students from our campus to the community.  Over time, however, churches throughout the nation began to see the value of securing discipleship relationships within their congregation.

What is Servants Table?

It is a proven vehicle to equip the saints of the church for a lifetime of faith and stewardship to those in transition.  Research indicates that people are most likely to experience true change in times of transition.  It is during this season that people tend to reconsider their values and priorities in life.  Furthermore, it has been shown that people in transition fare far better if they have someone to walk beside them.  Servants Table successfully serves these two truths.  Committed church members are assembled to hold the values and priorities of God before a person in transition so that true change –sound Biblical change—can occur.

How does Servants Table work?

Three components make up the Servants Table model.  First we identify mature Christians who desire to serve and who can commit one year to discipleship.  These individuals are provided personality and interest assessments to ascertain their God-given gifts.  They are also given sound Biblical teaching on the meaning of scripture, sainthood, sanctification, and servanthood – critical constructs for effective discipleship.  Finally, five servants with various strengths and backgrounds are paired with one disciple who is in transition. Over a one year period these mentors provide everything from ministerial or employment coaching to housing and finance advice.  In short, they walk beside their brother or sister in Christ.

What makes our process unique?

There are many discipling organizations in existence today and while many may share common goals, the paths they follow to accomplish those goals are often dramatically different.

Narrow Gate believes that the Church is the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12).  If Jesus made disciples to Himself while He was on this earth in bodily form then it stands to reason He will continue to make disciples to Himself… in bodily form.  The body of Christ is the mechanism through which disciples are made.

Reading more closely through the text of 1 Corinthians 12 we find that the body is made of unique parts that serve the head.  Jesus is that head and we are the individual, unique parts that are designed to serve.  If those of us who are strong can gather to assist those who are weak or wandering the body of Christ, our Church, will flourish.  This is the act of disciple making…what we are designed for and what Christ calls us to.
Jesus did not command us to go and find disciples.  He commanded us to go and MAKE disciples.  To obey this command we must commit ourselves to better understanding our design as a vessel of God’s love and then couple this design with purpose – how do we use what God has entrusted to us?

Our vision for Servants Table is that churches throughout the nation and beyond answer the call to make disciples.  It is our goal to help church members discover the root of their relationship with God and then allow them to guide others into a discovery of how they too can develop an individual love for the God who created them.