April Newsletter

Heard it Said…
If you spend some time around Narrow Gate founder, Bill Spencer, you’ll quickly learn he’s big on content and a stickler for repetition. We asked a few of our Narrow Gate students/grads to share their favorite “Bill-ism”.  Mind you, there are too many to post but over the coming months we’ll share our favorites.

Billism #1: “What would God ask you to do that you’d be unwilling to do?”

Where’re you from?
Welcome our new Spring Class!  These four guys are huddled in tents atop Foundation Hill, the first stop in their Narrow Gate journey.  For the next seven weeks they’ll discover a deep peace and […] Read More


Graduation | April 4th

It’s Graduation season throughout the Nation and even at Narrow Gate.  Unlike other institutions that graduate students following completion of required curriculum, Narrow Gate does things a bit different.  Many of our guys “graduate” after they’ve left the program and lived out the Truths they were taught. At Narrow Gate, it’s not enough to simply hear the Word…it’s about putting the Word in action. On April 4th Narrow Gate graduated four extraordinary young men:

Jackson Birdwell (Class of September 2013) 
Mckenzie Meredith (Class of July, 2013) 
Harrison Roeder  (Class of September, 2013)
Connor Scribner (Class of May, 2013) 

Following their Narrow Gate experience these men reinvested in […] Read More


Shop Talk with Bill Spencer | Understanding Your Importance

In Ephesians 4:15-16, Paul discusses the importance each part of the body of Christ. Bill Spencer commenting on these versus says  “It’s only when every piece of the body does what it’s supposed to that the body really becomes healthy and strong, the way it’s designed.” How does that apply to wood working? Click on the link below and find out…


[…] Read More


In My Own Words | Brent Brown

In My Own Words

We’ve asked Campus Students, Graduates, Volunteers, Staff and Board Members to share in their own words what they have learned while being a part of the Narrow Gate Foundation family.  Each video is only about 3 minutes and will be sent out once a month. Stop, watch, be inspired!  Then, share with others truths from God’s Word that are transforming lives through the Narrow Gate Foundation. In this addition, Brent lays down the story of the Gospel in a short and concise message. Enjoy!






Narrow Gate Foundation exists to make disciples. We do this by: 

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March 2015 Newsletter

Quote of the Month…

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” ― Carl Reiner

Weather…What Weather?

While folks complain about the slush and snow, our Narrow Gate guys continually find ways to be grateful for God’s Creation. The Foundation class recently awoke in their tents to a blanket of snow but found joy in light of their circumstances. Record lows could not keep them from CHOOSING contentment, CHOOSING to walk according to truth and not how they feel. Yep, tough weather has provided Narrow Gate ample opportunities to learn deep lessons.

Won’t Back Down….

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February 2015 Newsletter

If you build it, they will come…

Last year Narrow Gate students, staff, and volunteers came together to build a fully-equipped Tree House. Perched 16 feet in the air amid a canopy of lush forest trees, the cabin provides a panoramic view of our 122-acre property.

The response was so positive we’re building more! Generous donations from our corporate sponsors have made it possible for us to build two more Tree Houses and a Tree House Community Kitchen.

What’s Up?

Our Narrow Gate Mission is to make disciples—to strengthen the Body to the Glory of God.  We believe the […] Read More


January 2015 Newsletter

New This and New That…

If December 31st found you frantically drafting a New Year’s Resolution list you’re not alone. Statistics indicate that more than 40% of Americans put paper to pen, documenting self-improvement declarations. 

In true Narrow Gate style we do things differently. Sure, we’re all about change. Life transformation is our goal. What we aren’t about, though, is focusing on failures and flaws. Like Ellen Goodman, we’re approaching 2015 with great hope. 

“We spend each January walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done and cracks to be patched. Maybe […] Read More


In Your Going… Make Disciples

Where Are You Going?
Author: Bill Spencer, Executive Director Narrow Gate Foundation

At first glance this might sound like an odd question. You may wonder, “Where am I going WHEN? or “Where am I going GENERALLY? But let’s keep things simple… Where are you going today or tomorrow morning? Did you know that Jesus wants you to fulfill the Great Commission today, tomorrow and every day thereafter? His instructions to his disciples and to us are clear:

“Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son and […] Read More


A Quest for Contentment

Author: Stacy Spencer, Narrow Gate Foundation Executive Director
Date: November 11th, 2014

I live in community. Not like most people…meaning I have a small group whom I commune with on a regular basis. I mean I LIVE in community – literally with 15-20 people all at the same time, in thesame space, 24/7/365. It wasn’t always like this, but for the past 10 years this is my “new normal.”

Living in such close proximity with people means I have to be ready at anytime for God to interrupt my day for His purposes. Through this, I’ve learned a great deal about CONTENTMENT.

Just the […] Read More