Discover a life that matters

About the Lodge

“Discovered truth is always more powerful than delivered truth. Narrow Gate Lodge offers an environment where young men discover the truth that changes life forever. We’re not interested in simply seeing our students know what WE know. We empower them to know the truth for themselves.” Bill Spencer, Executive Director

Narrow Gate Lodge offers a transformative experience for young men ages 18-25.  Lodge participants live and work together while pursuing biblical training, personal discipleship, challenging adventures, and new life skills.  During their 8 month stay, young men pause from the distractions of daily life to discover who Jesus says they are and their calling for the future.

Mission and Vision

Narrow Gate Lodge is dedicated to helping young men Discover A Life that Matters.

Nestled on a 122-acre property outside of Nashville, TN, the Lodge is a temporary “home” for men committed to a transformational journey—a journey in which they answer to two of life’s biggest questions:  Who am I? and Why am I Here? The Lodge was born 10 years ago by two young men, desperate for direction and meaning, and a courageous married couple who felt God’s calling to minister to the lost and lonely.  What started as a simple act of obedience turned into a nationwide ministry.

Narrow Gate students come from a variety of backgrounds – some yet to embark on college and others who’ve graduated.  Some who’ve made poor choices, and others who’ve yet to trip up.  To date, over 250 young men have experienced Narrow Gate Lodge and have gone on to become leaders in their communities.   Lodge graduates are pastors, teachers, missionaries, bankers, land developers, godly husbands, dedicated fathers and so much more!

“The young men of today are our leaders tomorrow – in our homes, in our businesses, in our churches and in our communities. There is no greater need than for us to invest all we have in these young men for the sake of their futures and the future of our faith.” – Stacy Spencer, Executive Director