Identity. Passion. Purpose.

Statement Of Faith

Narrow Gate Foundation is a Christian interdenominational organization.

Our Tenets

We are more concerned with heart attitudes than behavior

Jesus warned the Pharisees about their perfect behavior even while they had anger or lust in their hearts.  Many of the young men who come to Narrow Gate have acquired some destructive habits.  We believe in focusing on transformation of the heart, which leads to new behaviors born out of an appreciation for what God has done for them through His Son, Jesus Christ.  While it takes many months (and sometimes years) to break destructive habits…once there has been a “heart transplant” God continues the sanctification process for the young man throughout his entire life on earth. Key Scripture – Matthew 12:35


We teach through sharing personal life experience, learning God’s Word, and modeling Christ-like attitudes

As Christians, we are called to be a witness…not a judge…not a lawyer…but to only tell what we’ve seen God do in our own lives.  That is why most of the Narrow Gate staff consists of young men who have graduated from Narrow Gate and can personally identify with other students’ struggles. There was only one perfect Christian, Jesus Christ.  So our Narrow Gate staff is not expected to perform perfectly in their duties, but to always strive to demonstrate Christ-like attitudes and hearts of repentance for shortcomings. Key Scripture – Philippians 4:9


We believe mercy and compassion are to be offered more often than correction and instruction

Jesus constantly offers never-ending mercy and compassion to a lost world. At Narrow Gate we believe that you must earn the right to speak correction into someone’s life to evoke serious change.  We are more concerned with correcting hearts or attitudes than we are behaviors and will focus on the heart issue as it is manifested in a student’s behavior. Key Scripture – Micah 6:8


We believe in sacrificing ourselves and our resources for the good of others

No greater gift does a man have than this; that he lay down his life for his brother.  We strive to demonstrate this scripture everyday and give of our time, talents and resources.  We also expect that all graduates of Narrow Gate accept this scripture as a principle of their life and strive to live it out daily. Key Scripture – John 15:13; Philippians 4:17


We believe the only life-long solution to any problem is found in discovering your true identity in Christ.

Jesus came not only to save us but also to give us abundant life.  We help young men discover who they are according to God’s Word.  Once they discover what God says about them, they spend the next few phases learning how to live out their true identity in Christ.  Believing the truth about who God says you are radically changes your beliefs about yourself and, in turn, your life-long behaviors. Key Scripture – 2 Corinthians 5:16-17


We believe in creating an environment for change…not changing people.

At Narrow Gate, we understand that we are God’s workmanship.  We can only share the truth and let God’s Holy Spirit cut through to the heart.  Narrow Gate is designed to create an environment for change, but each student determines when and how much they are willing to change as prompted by God. Key Scripture – Titus 2:11-14


We believe contentment is found by being willing to accept less than you are due.

When Jesus was tempted in the desert, Satan only offered him what He was due as the Son of God.  Jesus was willing to accept less than He was due and we expect our staff and our students to learn to do the same with joy and contentment. Key Scripture – Philippians 2:5-11


We believe parity is not required or to be expected

We believe that every life is gifted and challenged uniquely.  It is that unique set of gifts and challenges that builds the character and personality of every person we serve.  We believe that Scripture teaches us that every individual has a specific role or function within the body of Christ and it is our endeavor to help each individual discover that role.  At Narrow Gate, we use the absence of parity in every facet of life to expose the corrosive practices of covetousness, envy, and materialism while strengthening the character qualities of contentment, gratitude, and humility so that every individual can learn to steward the blessings entrusted to them by their maker.  Key Scripture – Luke 19:12-27


We believe in unity through the blood of Jesus

God’s Word instructs us to love one another by serving each other.  At Narrow Gate, we believe that living in a spirit of unity is one of God’s commandments.  Each class works together and moves through the program together.  If your brother is struggling, you don’t leave him behind…you adjust your life to bring him up.  When necessary, staff and students are encouraged to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. Key Scripture – Ephesians 4:1-13